Magical Mid Autumn Gathering in Curve25

Setting the Scene: Curve25, Bukit Bantayan Residences

The event took place at the scenic Curve25, nestled within the Bukit Bantayan Residences. This charming venue offered the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with cultural festivities and the warm glow of the full moon. The picturesque surroundings set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

A Night Under the Full Moon

The Mid Autumn Gathering was all about celebrating the full moon, a tradition deeply rooted in Chinese culture. It’s believed to bring luck, happiness, and a sense of togetherness.

Highlights from the Evening

Traditional Chinese Costume Try Out: Guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture by trying on traditional costumes. It was a chance to step back in time and appreciate the rich history of the region.

Chinese Orchestra Performance: The soothing melodies of a Chinese orchestra performance transported attendees to a world of elegance and grace.

Lantern Making Workshop: Creativity shone brightly at the lantern making workshop, where participants could craft their lanterns and add a personal touch to their Mid Autumn celebration.

Lantern Parade: The lantern parade was the evening’s centerpiece, with guests carrying their lanterns, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of light and color under the moonlit sky.

Lucky Draw: The lucky draw added an element of excitement to the event, offering attendees the chance to win exciting prizes.

Mooncake Redemption: Of course, no Mid Autumn Gathering would be complete without mooncakes. Attendees had the chance to redeem these traditional treats and savor their delicious flavors.

Local Vendors: Local vendors offered a variety of goods, from crafts to snacks, providing an opportunity to support local businesses and find unique souvenirs.

The Mid Autumn Gathering was a beautiful example of the cultural diversity and inclusive spirit of Kota Kinabalu. This event brought the community together, allowing them to partake in a time-honored tradition while creating cherished memories.It was a night filled with joy, cultural immersion, and a strong sense of togetherness, truly reflecting the spirit of Kota Kinabalu.

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