The Locksmith x Chicken Claypot Sabah Meet & Greet

Chicken Claypot Sabah , located in Sutera Avenue host a memorable meet and greet session with the talented cast of “The Locksmith,” a Hong Kong movie set against the charming backdrop of George Town, Penang. The event featured the esteemed presence of Hong Kong actor Phillip Keung 姜皓文 and Thomas 郭曉東, who brought their charisma and insights into the film.

“The Locksmith” is a cinematic masterpiece that captures the essence of George Town, Penang, weaving a mystery and suspense. Cheng Hao Ren (Phillip Keung) is an apprentice to the elderly locksmith Master Shan (Hui Shiu Hung). In addition to ordinary locksmithing jobs, Cheng is often called upon by police officer Liu (Raymond Wong) to assist in picking locks. All seems to be going well for Cheng, until the ghosts of his past start to show themselves and haunt him wherever he goes.

Phillip Keung 姜皓文, a seasoned actor with a remarkable career, takes on a pivotal role in the film, bringing depth and authenticity to his character. Thomas 郭曉東, another talented actor, complements the narrative with his unique style and captivating performance. Together, they create a cinematic journey that not only showcases the beauty of Penang but also delves into the intricate art of locksmithing, adding a touch of suspense and drama to the storyline.

The event, serving as a fusion of entertainment and cultural appreciation, has the potential to kindle global interest in Malaysia’s diverse heritage, positioning the country as an alluring destination for filmmakers. As such collaborations and events continue to unfold, Malaysia is poised to ascend as a coveted locale for international productions, solidifying its place in the global entertainment arena.