SEALA 8 – Sabah Cultural Night

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. In YHP Event, our passion is to see happy faces in the events we do.

We are honoured to organize a relaxing and fun cultural night for our 2022 first international MICE/Business Event group. The South-East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA8) had their 10 days intensive leadership program in Shangri-La Rasaria in June. We are delighted to have delegates coming from Pakistan, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka , Thailand , Malaysia and so on.

That was a night designed with Sabah local cultural theme. We started off to welcome delegates with a Murut-inspired entrance arch, with usherette wearing kadazandusun outfit and giving out Vinusak (a local handmade necklace handmade by the Rungus resides in the long house.  Delegates get to enjoy our interactive cultural performances as well.

Sumazau Dance, an iconic dance of the largest indigenous group of Sabah- Kadazandusun people. The dancers imitate the eagle by stretching their arms on both sides and swinging them up and down. This is usually danced in a group of male and female in pairs, moving along with the rhythm of the traditional musical instrument. It’s an easy dance move to learn.

Next, Magunatip dance (MUST HAVE for your event), also called the bamboo dance. No traditional dance in Sabah is more iconic and more popular than this Murut Warrior dance. Even the locals love to see this performance. Dancers wearing Murut costumes have to navigate the bamboo poles with agile feet and incredible timing, along and in sync with the tempo of the instrument.


Magunatip Dance were typically used for healing rituals and warrior dances. The Murut believed that loud noises would ward off evil spirits that made people ill and the dance was also a way to welcome back warriors victorious from war. In recent days, it’s common to see this unique and skilful performance for entertainment.

Warrior blowpipe performance – Warrior action holding blowpipe to show the ancient Borneo people hunting to survive in the forest. The audience was invited to experience the blowpipe demonstration by shooting the balloon carried by the warrior. This is a good opportunity to cheer up the audience.

With over thirty different ethnic races and more than eighty local dialects, Sabah is a land with rich and diverse cultures. Sharing a homely and harmonious relationship among different tribes and ethnics, we still maintain a completely diverse culture, art, tradition and festivals independent from each other in turn making the state more enriching and exotic.

YHP Event, which specialized in event management service, based in Kota Kinabalu Sabah is anticipating more and more regional, national and international conferences and meetings to be held in Sabah. We are ready to take out your headache off your event.


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