#TooHuattoHandle Lunar New Year Celebration

Bukit Bantayan Residences Chinese New Year Celebration #TooHuatToHandle was a huge success, attracting a large number of attendees who came together to celebrate this important cultural holiday.

One of the main highlights of the celebration was the incredible lion dance performances by four different teams, including some of the top lion dance troupes in Kota Kinabalu such as the 沙巴亞庇三聖宮(弘德)体育会龙狮团, 沙巴李強龙麒狮团, 亞庇群聖龍麒獅體育會, and 马来西亚沙巴南邦龙狮体育会. These performances were truly spectacular, with the skilled lion dancers moving in perfect unison to the beat of the drums. The intricate lion costumes added to the drama and excitement, making it the main attraction of the event and attracting a large number of people.

Aside from the lion dance performances, there were plenty of other activities that kept the attendees entertained. One of the most popular activities was the free taufu fah, a delicious Chinese dessert made from soybean milk and sugar syrup. There were also a number of local vendors and food trucks selling delicacies that people were able to indulge in the delicious food while soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the festivities.

For those who wanted to explore their artistic side, there was a Chinese calligraphy station set up by the famous calligrapher, Huang Po Lo. Attendees could request him to write auspicious Chinese characters with a brush and ink, providing a unique opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and the art of calligraphy.

Overall, the Chinese New Year celebration at Bukit Bantayan Residences was a wonderful event that brought the community together to celebrate an important cultural holiday. At YHP Event, we were thrilled to be a part of it and to have helped create a memorable experience for everyone involved.